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The Warwick Soccer Club was formed over 10 years ago to provide a way for the youth of Warwick to learn the fundamentals of soccer and sportsmanship in a fun and family oriented atmosphere. The success over the years of the recreational soccer club has inevitably led to a need for a place for motivated and more competitive players to play. The result was the formation of the Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club.

The Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club is rooted in the philosophy that the mastery of the fundamentals of soccer and the continued emphasis on good sportsmanship can still be maintained while playing at a more competitive level. These teams are composed of motivated players who have very often gone through a tryout with coaches/trainers evaluating their play. The players, and their families, make a commitment to play nearly year round including practices 2 times per week. Teams in this division routinely travel across the Hudson river for an away game during the regular season. Some teams, as they advance in skill and maturity, choose attend large, multi-day tournaments throughout New York State as well as out-of-state venues. Travel soccer players, their coaches and parents are dedicated to maintaining a higher level of play through several hours of professional training during the spring and fall seasons. Financial considerations include league and referee fees, training fees, tournament fees and travel expenses. Travel team players, their coaches and parents spend time fundraising as a means to offset some of these financial obligations.

How We Measure Success

How is the success of the Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club measured? Surprisingly, not through its wins and losses. Very often it is through the length of time that a player stays on a team. Players as young as 8 or 9 will comprise a team that will, at its core, still be together when they are teenagers and playing Varsity or Junior Varsity soccer for their own high schools. These players learn a great deal about staying together as a team, celebrating the wins, working harder after the losses and dealing with the inevitable adversity that comes with having 15 to 18 players spending a great deal of time together. And yet, even as the success of the Club is measured by its cohesiveness, there is also a certain amount of satisfaction in watching players move on. Many players that began their travel career in the Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club have moved on to other opportunities including Select and Premier teams, the Olympic Development Program and teams that have played overseas in Ireland and Italy. Many players have garnered scholarships on college teams. The success of these players, although in other leagues and on other teams, can still be traced to their roots in the Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club.

Maintaining Our High Standards

The Travel Division of the Warwick Soccer Club provides an opportunity for the motivated, competitive player to work hard, master the fundamentals of soccer as well as grow in his or her understanding of the game at a higher level. These players excel in their abilities and promote the true meaning of sportsmanship as they represent our community throughout the region, and indeed the country. In this way, the youth of Warwick, while playing travel soccer, learn and grow in themselves setting a standard for others to attain.

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