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About Us

Our Mission
The Warwick Soccer Club, Inc., a member of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League, is a not-for-profit organization with a seasonal enrollment of 800-900 kids & young adults. Warwick Soccer’s mission is to promote the ideas of Sportsmanship, Responsibility, Community Pride, and Physical Fitness, without discrimination, to boys and girls of all abilities. To provide a supervised and safe environment, free of adult ambition, to learn the fundamentals of soccer. To encourage children’s participation in soccer as an exciting, satisfying and rewarding social activity. Visit East Hudson Youth Soccer League’s website

Recreation Soccer Program
Our Recreation Program allows players to learn about and to participate in the game of soccer. The soccer complex consists of small, medium, modified and full-sized fields to support the widely accepted practice of starting younger players in small sided games. These small sided games encourage children to participate by “touching” the ball more often. As they get older, they will progress to larger fields and bigger teams until they are playing full field, regulation games. It is the Club’s policy that all children participating in intramural will play at least one half of each game.

Pre-Travel Soccer Program
The Warwick Soccer Club (WSC) Pre-Travel Program (PTP) is a bridge between the Recreational Program and the Travel Program. The program is free and open to all talented and energetic U7/U8 boys and girls that want to take their game to the next level and desire to play with others with a similar passion for developing their skills and their love of the game. The program seeks to create a positive learning atmosphere with an emphasis on the development of the player’s technical and tactical skills. Young players need a developmentally appropriate environment that will allow them to first cultivate and grow individual skills, confidence, and motivation.

Travel Soccer Program
The Travel Program of the Warwick Soccer Club is rooted in the philosophy that the mastery of the fundamentals of soccer and the continued emphasis on good sportsmanship can still be maintained while playing at a more competitive level. These teams are composed of motivated players who have often gone through a tryout with coaches evaluating their play. The players, and their families, make a commitment to play nearly year round including practices 2-3 times per week. Teams in this division can travel up to 2 hours away for an away game during the regular season while committing to 6 or more hours on a weekend for an indoor winter tournament (participating in the tournaments depends upon the individual teams). Some teams, as they advance in skill and maturity, attend large, multi-day tournaments throughout New York State as well as out-of-state venues.

Learning to win and lose with pride and dignity. Not becoming overwhelmed with the emotions of the moment or to impact others negatively. Conducting oneself with integrity. Showing respect for other players, teammates and opponents, coaches, spectators and officials. Maintaining your sportsmanship through the victories and defeats, the good times and the bad.

Making and keeping a commitment to your team. Understanding that Soccer has a priority, and from time to time that priority needs to be assessed. Striving to help yourself and everyone around you reach their potentials. A true champion wins with regard to fairness and safety for all.

Community Pride
Taking pride in Warwick Soccer, in your community, in your state, and in this great country, The United States of America. Appreciating the unselfish hours donated by many parents and volunteers. Volunteering your time, Making a commitment to your program, your team, and your friends.

Physical Fitness
Understanding the importance of physical fitness. Setting realistic fitness goals and achieving them. Finding your strengths and weaknesses and building on them. Realizing that not everyone has the same abilities. Helping those less fortunate than yourself.

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