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Travel Coach Listing

Listing of Our Travel Coaches

Age Group / GenderCoachesTeam NameEmail Address
U9 GirlsMandy Blanton (Coach)Wildcats '13mandyblanton10@yahoo.com
U9 GirlsSierra Blanton (Assistant Coach)Wildcats '13blanton.skyler@yahoo.com
U9 GirlsSkyler Blanton (Assistant Coach)Wildcats '13blanton.skyler@yahoo.com
U11 GirlsChristopher Wendt (Coach)Lady Sharkschriswendft22@gmail.com
U11 GirlsFrancine Deguzman (Assistant Coach)Lady Sharksdeguzman.fran@gmail.com
U12 GirlsMark Prestigiacomo (Coach)Girl Powermapbl76@yahoo.com
U12 GirlsMarc Lopez (Coach)Girl Powermarc_lopez79@yahoo.com
U13 GirlsEmily OladipoRenegadesemilytrievel@hotmail.com
U13 GirlsLane Paulsen Roverslanepaulsen@yahoo.com
U13 GirlsBob PitigerRoversbobpitiger@optonline.net
U18 GirlsChristopher WendtWildcats HSEKenran73@yahoo.com
Forward SoccerKristian Richarson forwarduksoccer@outlook.com
U11 BoysDaniel Sarno (Coach)Avengerslists@sarno.biz
U11 BoysJason Fiske (Coach)Avengersjfiske970@gmail.com
U11 BoysBrian Larkin (Coach)Fireballslarkatron@gmail.com
U11 BoysLee Orthmann (Coach)Fireballsleeorthmann@gmail.com
U12 BoysFrederic Blic (Coach)Wolverinesblicfrederic@gmail.com
U12 BoysAdam Lloyd (Coach)Wolverinesalloyd21@hotmail.com
U12 BoysCraig Kunisch (Manager)Wolverinescmkunisch@msn.com
U13 BoysKenneth Eicher (Coach)Hawkskenny.eicher@gmail.com
U13 BoysRichard Hefner (Coach)Hawksdrhefner@optonline.net
U13 BoysDebbie Hefner (Coach)Hawksdrhefner@optonline.net
U16 BoysRicardo Tovar (Coach)Lionsriky1022@live.com
HSE BoysCarl BodekerFuryCarl.bodeker@gmail.com
Forward SoccerKristian Richarson forwarduksoccer@outlook.com
Forward Soccer
Forward Soccer

Attention: Warwick Soccer Club Members

WSC travel tryouts for the 2022-2023 season will be taking place over the next few weeks.

More information about the WSC travel program can be found here: https://warwicksoccer.com/welcome/wsc-travel-program/

  • Interested, new players should register below and attend the appropriate birth year tryout listed according to the chart below.
  • If your player birth year is not listed, please register for the next older birth year. Players cannot play down a year.
  • Interested players should plan to attend both tryouts.
  • Existing players DO NOT need to register, if trying out for their current team.
  • All tryouts will take place at Warwick Town Park, 117 Unions Corners Rd., Warwick, NY.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - https://warwicksoccer.com/travel-tryouts/

(Players born 2014/2015 should register for the pre-travel program: https://warwicksoccer.com/welcome/wsc-pre-travel-program/)