Warwick Soccer Club – PO Box 140, Warwick, NY 10990

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Mail Address: PO Box 140, Warwick New York 10990

Location of Fields: 117 Union Corners, Warwick New York 10990


Soccer Board of Directors:

NamePosition (s)Responsibilitiesemail
Craig ShieldsPresidentcshields@warwicksoccer.com
Jon Desrats1st Vice PresidentTravel Coordinatorjdesrats@warwicksoccer.com
Sharon Burton2nd Vice PresidentConcessionssburton@warwicksoccer.com
Christine BodekerTrusteeRecreation & Travel Registration / Secretary / Treasurercbodeker@warwicksoccer.com
Mandy BlantonTrusteemblanton@warwicksoccer.com
Pierre St-DenisTrusteepstdenis@warwicksoccer.com
Rob HornTrusteePre-Travel Academy / Director of Trainingrhorn@warwicksoccer.com
Mike FitzgeraldTrusteemfitzgerald@warwicksoccer.com
Craig KunischTrusteeckunisch@warwicksoccer.com
Anthony MontiTrusteeamonti@warwicksoccer.com

Attention: Warwick Soccer Club Members

WSC travel tryouts for the 2022-2023 season will be taking place over the next few weeks.

More information about the WSC travel program can be found here: https://warwicksoccer.com/welcome/wsc-travel-program/

  • Interested, new players should register below and attend the appropriate birth year tryout listed according to the chart below.
  • If your player birth year is not listed, please register for the next older birth year. Players cannot play down a year.
  • Interested players should plan to attend both tryouts.
  • Existing players DO NOT need to register, if trying out for their current team.
  • All tryouts will take place at Warwick Town Park, 117 Unions Corners Rd., Warwick, NY.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - https://warwicksoccer.com/travel-tryouts/

(Players born 2014/2015 should register for the pre-travel program: https://warwicksoccer.com/welcome/wsc-pre-travel-program/)