Becoming a Referee for the WSC

Becoming a Referee for the WSC

670px-Understand-Soccer-Assistant-Referee-Signals-Step-1-Version-2Recreation games are reffed by certified referees. The ref course schedule is available on Hudson Valley Referee website

Grade 9 is for recreation games and the WSC also uses them as AR’s (assistant referees) on Travel games (grade 8’s are preferred) assigned by Club Assignor.

Grade 8 is for Travel games, center & AR and can also do our Recreation program games.

Many younger referees start as Grade 9 and then take the one day “bridge” course to upgrade to an 8 when they are old enough.

The WSC also uses Club members as game coordinators for our 4, 5 & 6 year old age groups as an introduction to reffing for those who are interested in becoming a referee.

There is a meeting before each season starts for those interested in applying for the position.  The meeting is announced by email to all Club Members.